Services & Projects

The focus of M&M Projects is:

- Roof Structures & Design

- Building & Automation of Gates

- Bathroom Refurbishment.


M&M Projects Specializes in:

- Painting & Damp Cure of your house

- Special Plastering of Ceilings and Cornicing

- Paving & Carports.

Roof Structures
& Design
Painting, Building, Roof Structure and Ceiling, Renovations

Have you looked up at your roof lately? A new roof can be one of the most rewarding home improvement projects you will ever undertake.

Not only does roofing dramatically alter the look of your home, it performs a very important function: 

Protecting Your House.


Few building materials give you the kind of value to be found in tile roofing. You may not think of a roof as a high-tech item, but that is exactly what it has become.


We do repairs on most types of roof. Just contact us for more information and let us help you increase your roof!

& Damp Cure
Painting, Building, Roof Structure and Ceiling, Renovations

Simply painting over any areas of damp causes further problems, as the constant supply of moisture is then diverted to other areas.

Therefore M&M Projects will first sort your damp issues out before painting over it.

Don't you have any damp issues? We can also help you out with just your paint work.

Gate Building
& Automation
Painting, Building, Roof Structure and Ceiling, Renovations

M&M Projects provides Custom Fences. We create any required fencing for residential, commercial and industrial uses.

Whether it is Wood, Steel, Aluminium or any combination you require, we can build, deliver and install at your location.

Safety and Practicality start from the entrance of your building: Your entrance can be automated by selecting from the wide range of automatic gates, which ensure long term reliability, style and smart look, and superbly blend in with the style of your gate and home.


Our Gate Automation will satisfy any requirement and can be used on modern and classical frames.

Plastered Ceilings
& Cornicing
Painting, Building, Roof Structure and Ceiling, Renovations

Plastered Ceilings are versatile finishing materials that enhances the inside of any building or structure. It is strong and fire-resistant.

Cornicing is inspirational as it “crowns” walls and ceilings. It transforms a plain room to a place of vision and craftsmanship.

Painting, Building, Roof Structure and Ceiling, Renovations

A bathroom remodeling project can enhance the aesthetics and increase both the functionality and resale value of your home.


Throughout the years, bathrooms can become outdated, and may even develop unsightly mold and mildew growth.


By modernizing your bathroom, you’ll not only make the space look more beautiful, but you’ll also be able to install durable, low-maintenance products that are built to last, making your remodeling project a sound investment for the future.


Plus, you’ll be able to completely customize your design so that your bathroom reflects your personal taste and has every feature you may want.

& Carports
Painting, Building, Roof Structure and Ceiling, Renovations

Whether you’re looking for driveway resurfacing, driveway repairs, or total driveway replacement, M&M Projects has the expertise and equipment to get the job done right the first time.


We also build carports and storage shelters that are attractive additions to your property, home or business.

Are you looking for an Insurance Job? We are the approved service providers for OUTsurance and Hollard.

However, most of our work is done for Satisfied Private Clients!

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